Gunsmith Tools, Cutters & Gauges – A Primer

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We spoke with leaders in the tool making industry about the things they spend most of their time and effort educating clients about.  Contributions from Clymer, Forster, Manson, JGS, PTG, SAAMI and more are all included.  There are books for machinists that teach this type of information, but until now there has never been a book for gunsmiths that explains the tools of the trade and how they should be utilized.  The idea is simple, answer your questions before you order any tool.

Nomenclature is important, when you talk to a reamer maker, gunsmith or client you want to know the correct terms.  This indicates to those you work with that you took the time the understand the tools.  It will improve your ability the sell work to customers, buy or rent the right tools for the job.  You will save untold hours and dollars, don’t learning at the “School of Hard Knocks”.

When you understand tools, they work better and last much longer.  This both saves money and increases profits.

What is discussed?

All types or reamers specific to firearms work

Reamer Holders

Reamer Stops

Use of Reamers

Cutting Lube

Chip Welding and how to Stop it.

Misconceptions About Reamers

Chatter and its Cures

Shotgun Chamber Tools

Forcing Cone Reamers

Shotgun Chokes

Screw Choke Tooling

Measuring for Choke Tubes

Choke Lube

Defining Headspace

Choosing the Correct Gauge

Improved Chambers and Headspace

Headspace Gauge Interchange Chart

Charts for Tooling and bushings.



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