Checkering, A book of checkering for the beginner


Paperback,  8.5×11

176 pages.

Sherman L. Mays assembled this how to manual from his considerable experience checking for a living.  He has taught many others to checker and for this reason his book is excellent at showing the novice how to get started and the mistakes to avoid.  His easy going and often humorous style makes this a pleasant read and the prolific use of photos aid in your understanding of the subject.

Checkering by S.L. Mays

Mays shows many patterns and details in his book on checkering.

If you have ever wanted to learn how to checker this book is ideal for building skills and saves you a lot of time learning your way around the difficulties every student of checkering faces.  Instead of working all by yourself, invite Sherman, via this book to come into your shop to stay.  Handbooks are at their best when they become a well loved reference book, I think this book will be just that.

There are nearly 300 pictures used to show you the details that matter.

Mays starts with teaching you how to cut that first line and then increased the difficulty of each project like any good instructor would.  Even a reluctant student would have no reason to avoid cutting their first line of checking in a few short hours after acquiring this text.

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