Kenny Dickerson founded 4D Reamer Rentals in about 2000. Kenny is one of those guys who cannot sit still and uses his energy to benefit his business. He started 4D because he was not happy with the other companies, he had tried to rent from in the gun industry. His great customer service quickly grew the company.

In 2004 Fred Zeglin was working as a full-time professional rifle builder as the owner of Z-Hat Custom Rifles. A graduate of Lassen College Gunsmithing program in 1984, Fred had been gunsmithing and building custom rifles for twenty years by that time. In 2004 he had been negotiating to buy a custom barrel making business; when that deal fell through, he remembered another business that had been offered for sale. So, he called Kenny Dickerson who had half-jokingly offered 4D Reamer Rentals for sale during a conversation months earlier. “Were you serious about selling?” Fred asked. Kenny answered, “Well, I guess I was.” Negotiations began and soon a deal was agreed upon. In 2005 Fred took over 4D from Kenny and immediately increased the tool inventory by 25% with the tools he owned going into the inventory.

Fast forward to 2022, Fred has grown the business, multiplying the rental inventory by five times. During the intervening years Fred retired from Gunsmithing, worked as production manager for McGowen Barrels for a time and started the gunsmithing program at Flathead Valley Community College. He wrote the entire two-year curriculum for the Firearms program and got it off the ground. Fred is also the author of a series of books; “Gunsmithing Student Handbook Series”. Which currently includes four books with two more in the works and several more planned in the series. These books resulted from his teaching experiences at the College and dealing with daily questions from customers of the rental business.

Fred Zeglin of Extended Interview (Gunsmithing)

Dewain Zeglin is Fred’s son. He chambered his first barrel when he was about ten years old. He followed dad to Summer NRA gunsmithing classes when dad was teaching. Spending untold hours in the shop listening to dad provide customer service, selling to clients and asking questions. Dewain worked for 4D in his teen years overseeing invoicing and shipping. He had more knowledge of the operation of a successful gun business by the time he graduated High School than many “professional” gunsmiths do.

Dewain went on to serve in the Army, he then graduated from WyoTech with a degree in Diesel Technologies and a minor in Chassis Fabrication. He has also received his associates in Machine Tool Technology from Casper College. He has worked as a mechanic, gunsmith, and retail manager. Bottom line, he loves tools and working with his hands.

In 2020 Dewain and Fred started discussing the possibility of Dewain taking over operations for 4D. During the next two years Dewain worked behind the scenes. He aided in the selection of new inventory software and shipping solutions for the company. He nearly single-handedly implemented the software changes that allow us to scale the business and more accurately track every detail of our inventory. He also started answering emails for the company as much as possible and learned the intricacies of the business from the management side during those two years.

In January of 2023 Dewain and Fred moved the warehouse and shipping offices from Kalispell, MT to Casper, WY where Dewain lives with his family. Dewain now manages the business with the help of his family and employees. Dewain plans to continue the growth of the rental inventory. We are constantly adding new tools and replacing old ones. If you want to know more details about the rental process, please visit our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page and the Rental Agreement. New customers always have questions, these pages answer at least 95% of them.

Welcome Aboard!
Dewain Zeglin