Ordering from 4-D Products

ALL TOOL RENTALS ARE FOR SEVEN (7) DAYS (does not include shipping time).

You must specify the caliber and type of pilot on piloted tools.

Orders placed online with a card are charged at the time the order is processed. Deposits (repair/replace) fees are not charged but are shown so that you know your responsibility if the tools are lost or damaged.

When ordering by phone, fax, or email, rentals on a credit card will be billed after the tool is returned and inspected. If the tool is damaged, lost or broken; your card will be billed for the rental fee plus a repair charge or the damage deposit amount, whichever is less.

A refundable damage deposit (repair/replace) fee will be required if a check or money order is sent. Deposits will be forfeited on damaged tools but if the repair cost is less than the deposit, you will be refunded the difference. Not returning the tool will also forfeit the deposit and you will still be charged a rental fee.  Repair costs are always in addition to the rental fees.

Ordering tools from a mail order rental agency is no different than renting tools from your local tool and machine rental company.  You are responsible for the tools and are paying for the time that they are out of inventory as no other client can have the benefit of their use while you have them.

TOOLS ARE EXPECTED BACK IN OUR FACILITY SEVENTEEN DAYS FROM THE DATE WE SHIPPED THEM TO YOU. This allows plenty of mail time in both directions.  Going to be late?  Let us know we will work with you.

Repair Policy

4D Reamer Rentals LTD is the final authority on tool condition. Some tools can be resharpened to repair damage.

Standard practice is to offer the client two choices when possible:

1. Pay the rental fee, keep the damaged tool and pay for a replacement at our cost
this is normally less than the full deposit amount and the retail price of the tool.

2. Pay the rental fee, and we ship the damaged tool to PTG for resharpening.  The cost for resharpening is $87.

3. If we contact you about a tool being damaged and give you the two above choices and you fail to respond, we will assume you want us to send the tool for resharpening and pay for that work in addition to your rental.  You have 3 Business days to respond when contacted.

Worried about the potential cost if tools are damaged???   Optional Rental Protection Plan, click here for details.

No modification of any kind are permitted on our tools! 

Tools should be returned with adequate insurance (you are responsible for the tools until they are received by us).  Failure to insure the return shipment means you are personally guaranteeing the deposit (repair/replace) for the tools you ship.  In the event that tools are lost, you agree to pay the deposit (repair/replace) fees immediately.  4D Reamer Rentals LTD will support your insurance claim with appropriate documentation as required by the insurer to complete your insurance claim.

Montana Law will take precedent and jurisdiction over any disagreement, litigation or arbitration that may arise out of this rental agreement.

By placing an order with 4D Reamer Rentals LTD. you are agreeing to these terms.


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Fax 24/7 406-890-6341
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45-6-309, Montana Code Annotated. Failure to return rented or leased personal property. (1) A person commits the offense of failure to return rented or leased personal property if, without notice to and permission of the lessor, he purposely and knowingly fails to return such property within 48 hours after the time provided for such return in the rental agreement, provided that clear written notice, in bold print, of the date and time when the return of the property is required and of the penalty, prescribed in this section is stated in the rental or lease agreement.
(2)Presentation to the lessor by the lessee of identification that is false for the purpose of obtaining a rental or lease agreement constitutes prima facie evidence of commission of the offense.
(3)After the rental or lease period specified in the rental or lease agreement has expired, failure to return rented or leased personal property within 72 hours of written demand by the lessor sent by certified mail to the renter or lessee at the address given at the time of entering the rental or lease agreement, constitutes prima facie evidence of commission of the offense.
(4)(a) A person convicted of failure to return rented or leased personal property not exceeding $300 in value shall be fined not to exceed $500 or be imprisoned in the county jail for a term not to exceed 6 months, or both. (b) A person convicted of failure to return rented or leased personal property exceeding $300 in value shall be imprisoned in the state prison for a term not to exceed 10 years.