Reamer Rentals

  • Ackley

    Ackley (81)

    Any Cartridge with the P.O. Ackley connection. Mostly Ackley Improved, but some are full wildcats of his design. If you want to know how to correctly headspace for Ackley Improved Cartridges we do offer a booklet that fully explains the subject.  This was written for gunsmithing students so it is complete and easy to understand.  Enter: AckleyGenius in the coupon code at check out to save $5 on this booklet.
  • Cylinder Throater

    Cylinder Throater (4)

    Easy to use, hand turned reamer opens the cylinder throat to a uniform diameter for best accuracy with lead and jacketed bullets. Removable pilots let you select the correct pilot for the closest possible fit to individual chambers. Pilot Packs for each caliber contain six additional pilots in .0005" increments. .45 Caliber corrects out of spec, smaller-than-bore-diameter cylinder throats on .45 Colt and other .45 caliber revolvers. Opens throat to .4525". Provided with .4480" diameter pilot. .45 Caliber from .4485" to .4510" .44 Caliber fits .44 Magnum, .44 Special and .44-40 revolvers. Opens throat to .431". Furnished with .4270". Pilot.44 Caliber from .4275" to .4300". .357 Caliber from .3545" to .357". Open the throat to .358". .357 furnished with a .357" thru .359" pilots. .32 Caliber Open the throat to .3135" to .3140"

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  • Lazzeroni

    Lazzeroni (10)

    These are brand name tools. Chamber reamers and gauges are made to Lazzeroni’s factory specifications.
  • Match

    Match (29)

    Most shooters have read about “match grade” reamers. Frankly, any reamer that is not made to match grade quality is worthless. All the reamers we inventory are of the highest possible quality. So, What does Match really mean? Most gunsmiths would identify a match reamer as being either “minimum” dimension if it’s a SAAMI cartridge or a reamer with a tight neck or non-standard throat. This may require that the necks of the brass be turn, but it all depends on the actual diameter of the neck verses the brass. Body dimensions might be modified as well. We list the critical dimensions for our match reamers so you can make an informed decision.
  • Neck & Throat

    Neck & Throat (20)

    Often used for wildcatting, when a smaller caliber cartridge is necked up to a larger diameter. The smaller chamber reamer is used with an appropriate for barrel pilot to cut the body and set headspace, then the neck and throat reamer is used to complete the chamber. These reamers incorporate both the neck and throat features for any given caliber. Reamers come with either solid and removable pilots. Dimensions are designed to provide a standard chamber for the specified caliber, that means the neck will normally be about .004” over the diameter of the loaded round. Throats will be normal length for the given caliber. Any reamer with special or out of the ordinary dimensions will have the information included in its description.
  • Pistol

    Pistol (74)

    OK grammar police; this should probably be titled “Handgun Reamers” because it includes both barrel and cylinder type reamers. Revolvers need a cylinder type reamer as the pilot diameter is larger. Some reamers can be used for either cylinder or barrel by changing the pilot to the correct diameter. Barrel reamers for semi-autos like 45 ACP and all its cousins will have a pilot designed to ride on the Lands of the rifling in the barrel. Note: It has come to our attention that some pistols like the Springfield XD series have Melonited barrels.  Our reamers are High Speed Steel and will not cut through the Melonite. Carbide is necessary for such barrels, we do not stock carbide tools.
  • Rifle

    Rifle (617)

    Refers to reamers that are made for use in a rifle barrel. There are three basic types of rifle cartridges, Bottle-neck rimless (and semi-rimless), Rimmed, and Belted Magnum. All are included under the general heading of rifle. Standard chamber reamers include all the features of the chamber design. If it’s a rimmed or belted case design that feature is included on the reamer.  All reamers will have a throat included unless otherwise stated. We stock only finish type reamers made of High Speed Steel dimensions will fall within standard SAAMI specifications unless otherwise noted.  
  • Rimfire

    Rimfire (26)

    More new calibers have appeared in rimfire over the last 10 years than in the last 50. We stock all the new calibers as well as the standard 22 Long Rifle and Magnum. There are many variations on rimfire chambers, we stock a large number of them. Naturally we inventory cylinder reamers where appropriate.
  • Shotgun

    Shotgun (19)

    Chamber reamers for shotguns will have the factory style forcing cone and rim cutter for headspace incorporated in the tool design. Long Forcing Cone reamers will not have a rim cutter for headspace as they are designed to work with any length chamber. It is wise to buy a cylinder hone when doing long forcing cones to blend any marks left behind by the reamer, 4D offers these tools and replacement stones.
  • Throater

    Throater (25)

    Throating reamers are designed to cut on the throat area just ahead of the case mouth in the chamber. These reamers create a place for the projectile to be stationed when a loaded round in placed in the chamber. They all have pilots, some solid, some removable. Most gunsmiths use an extension to operate these tools by hand. They can also be used in the lathe. The primary purpose of these reamers is to set a custom length to a throat, either when the chamber reamer had a short throat or when the shooter plans to use a long heavy bullet. They allow for custom fitting of the leade or jump of the bullet.
  • Weatherby®

    Weatherby® (25)

    These cartridges feature a double venturi shoulder that makes them different from all other rifle cartridges. We separate them out from the other rifle calibers because they have their own special following. We inventory factory standard and wildcat variations of the Weatherby line. SAAMI specification Weatherby chambers have a fair amount of freebore, this is the factory standard. If you intend to fire factory ammunition, use the standard chamber reamers. If you want a shorter than standard throat, the gun should be marked as such and Weatherby factory ammo should never be fired in that gun as pressure problems will result.