Cylinder Throater

Easy to use, hand turned reamer opens the cylinder throat to a uniform diameter for best accuracy with lead and jacketed bullets. Removable pilots let you select the correct pilot for the closest possible fit to individual chambers.

Pilot Packs for each caliber contain six additional pilots in .0005″ increments.

.45 Caliber corrects out of spec, smaller-than-bore-diameter cylinder throats on .45 Colt and other .45 caliber revolvers.
Opens throat to .4525″. Provided with .4480″ diameter pilot. .45 Caliber from .4485″ to .4510″

.44 Caliber fits .44 Magnum, .44 Special and .44-40 revolvers.
Opens throat to .431″. Furnished with .4270″. Pilot.44 Caliber from .4275″ to .4300″.

.357 Caliber from .3545″ to .357″.
Open the throat to .358″. .357 furnished with a .357″ thru .359″ pilots.


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