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    We stock replacement bolt handles in several styles. All made of good quality material that will polish up nicely and take on any finish you desire to add.

    A custom bolt knob is probably one of the fastest and easiest ways to update your rifle. Gunsmiths like these knobs because they are well made and ready to install. They can be modified to provide a custom look to any bolt action rifle.  These are cast bolt knobs. They originated with Dakota Arms, we do not know how long they will be available.
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    Cerrosafe alloy was originally made for casting toy soldiers. One of its most popular uses today is casting to check firearms chamber dimensions. The alloy shrinks a small amount during the first few minutes after casting, which aids in removal from the chamber. After 30 minutes the metal will be dimensionally identical to your chamber. Casting a chamber allows you to check the dimensions not only of case body but the neck, and throat as well. It is reusable and easy to use. Tool makers know what to expect from Cerrosafe so you can send castings to tool makers or reloading die makers.
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    This Section is tied to inventory directly. If not available the item will show "out of stock", otherwise they are in stock ready to ship.   [youtube]VvI97DVQS70[/youtube]
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