Being in the gun business for almost 40 years now I have become acutely aware if the lack of basics being taught in schools.  In particular in Occupational Trades institutions. Before you send me a nasty gram defending your favorite school keep in mind I teach at one of these colleges and have friends at several other institutions. So this book, like the others in the series is designed to offer a solution to the problem I have mentioned.

Several years ago an acquaintance told me that I had the “curse of knowledge”.  They defined that curse by saying that when you have invested your whole work life in a single subject, i.e. guns and gunsmithing you can’t even remember when you did not know the basics, in short you take that knowledge for granted.

Gunsmith Tool Primer, book

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In reality, you had to acquire all your knowledge somewhere.  With that in mind this Primer was written to insure the gunsmithing student (at any level) has access to the basic knowledge of common gunsmithing tools.  Nobody knows everything, so I collaborated on this project with the tool makers in the American gun industry and even SAAMI. This is not an opinion piece, its a source of information right from the horses mouth, not wives tales that will cost you time, money and accuracy.

All these knowledgeable tool makers contributed to this book to provide clear and concise information that every tool lover and gunsmith should know.

If you don’t plan to gunsmith but want to understand how the work is accomplished, this book makes that easy.

Three other titles in the Gunsmithing Student Handbook Series are available as well:

Understanding Headspace for Firearms, Chambering for Ackley Cartridges & Chambering Rifles for Accuracy

The print version of this book is now for sale on this site & on Amazon.  This will be the only title in the series available as an Ebook.