Serman L. Mays a stock maker with more than 40 years of hands on experience making, finishing and checkering stocks decided a few years back to write a couple of books to help noobs (New Bees) get started in the trade with fewer mistakes and faster success.  His book on stock making is one result of Sherm’s efforts.

Mr. Mays focused on two piece stocks like those found on shotguns and lever guns.  Even so, everything here applies to the process of inletting, fitting and finishing a one piece rifle stock.

The book is profusely illustrated with photos to aid in understanding. Many people today say that wood stocks are part of a dieing art. In reality there will always be a market for beautiful stock work. As hobbyists grow in experience they soon discover that a well made wood stock provides a pride in ownership that no plastic stock ever will. If you have always wanted to learn how to fix old stocks or customize them that is certainly covered here. But that’s just the start, Sherm shows you how to make and fit stocks from the basics up to a totally professional finish. He does not miss a detail.

“Stock Work for the Beginner.” This is a book you will refer to for years to come!

364 pages


Perfect Bound, paperback

662 – Mixed color and black  & white pics.

ISBN# 9780578165813

Retail $49.95