Old vs New

Stuart Otteson wrote two books about “The Bolt Action”, this is Volume I

They are considered to be the go-to books for people who want the facts about modern bolt actions. Not only how they work but all the important engineering details.  Stuart is a Mechanical Engineer by trade and he analyzed each action in these books to deliver factual information.

Whether you are a gunsmith, firearms designer, shooter, hunter or gun collector these are must have books for you collection.  Z-Hat Publishing has reprinted the first volume of the set as of January 2023 the second volume is in the works now.  This is a licensed reprint with the Author’s cooperation.  The illustrations are scanned from the Author’s original art work so the quality is as good as today’s technology will deliver.

Stuart went to the patent offices and the history books; where possible he spoke to the men who actually designed the actions. Patent office documents and the memories of engineers or gunsmiths might suffice if this was just a history book.  The production guns themselves were used to collect reliable details as this is the most reliable source of information.  The meticulous and scrupulous scholarship that went into these volumes enables the combination of text and illustrations to present a faithful, detailed and complete history as well as a design analysis of arguably the most successful firearm system in the arms world.

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