We recently put “Checkering, a book of checkering for the beginner” Back in print.  This popular book deserved a second printing, so we did just that. It’s already on Amazon, on our site and soon will be in the hands of other book sellers.

Checkering by S.L. Mays

Custom Forearm checkering by S.L. Mays.

Just as the title indicates, this is a book that you can sit down with and learn checkering.  I have taught this skill in schools and its always easier to teach with a text like this.  Simply because the author has already gathered example and photos so that the student can see specifically what is being discussed.  You can go from the page to the work in your hand and then back to the book as often as necessary, that is one thing that live classes lack, access to the teacher for the rest of your life.  Books can be on your bench helping you improve skills for years to come.

Wood gun stocks always look naked to me unless they are checkered.  As time goes on and synthetics have taken a larger portion of the market place, fewer people are learning to checker.  Its rewarding and fun to keep an old world skill alive and well.  Nothing is more satisfying the the results of working with your own hands. No reason to wait, you can learn too.

We are very proud that Sherman L. Mays, the author, entrusted us with his work so we could pass it along to the next generation of gun lovers.

On the lower edge of the fluer point you can see where the tool has bumped the edge. This will require clean up.


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#1 on Amazon

#1 on Amazon.com for it’s category, first week back in print!!!