This week I really had to laugh!

First, I had a client accuse us of using fine print, “the tool of Lawyers everywhere”!  or something like that?

Next complaint from a different client, “You don’t spell it out clearly enough!”

Bottom line, you can’t please everyone, or at least this week, we can’t please anyone…  Not really, just two guys out of about 200 for the week, I’m OK with 99% of our clients being satisfied.  This has been a wonderful year for us at 4D with constant growth in business.  We have many more clients, have added tons of new tools and increased the inventory we are carrying to serve you our clients.  We want to offer a huge THANK YOU! To you our clients, we are happy to help with your gunsmith tooling and supply needs.  May you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!