An Ebook that we sometimes send to clients to answer questions: Gunsmith Tools, Cutters & Gauges – A Primer

We provide this book because it contains information from the four major reamer and gauge makers in the industry and more.  We have no way of knowing the experience level of the customers we are working with.  For that reason alone providing information that is tried and true from the industry experts is the best way to resolve many questions. The book is not designed to teach gunsmithing, rather just the talk about the specialty gunsmithing tools available and how they can be best utilized for good results.

The reason we decided to write about this is due to a letter we received from a client. Here is an excerpt:

Thank you so much for your help with my chattered chamber! And, for your download on problems & how to solve them!  I had never seen the publication before. Of course I am an Old Bastard, so that could explain it! Using the cleaning patch on the shoulder worked magic. It took a whole lot longer to dial the barrel in, then ti fix it.  Don H.

Sometimes we get a negative responses when we send out this information as if its an insult.  We sell the print edition of this book for $12.95 and the Ebook sells for $10. So when we provide it for free to our customers it clearly has a real world value. The purpose is always to provide assistance and information to our clients.

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