I doubt that P.O. Ackley set out to be famous.  But life has it’s twists and turns, Ackley worked hard to learn his trade and equally as hard at putting out the word about his work.  He became acquainted with many gun writers and leaders in the gun industry.

Ackley Book Cover

Book Cover, P.O. Ackley, America’s Gunsmith

In 1936 he made the decision to become a full time gunsmith.  He sold the family farm and move the family, lock stock and barrel (pardon the pun) to Roseburg, Oregon where he bought the business of Ross King.  That’s the humble beginning of a 53 year long career all told in my new book.

The first book in Gun Digest Media’s Heritage Series, P.O. Ackley: America’s Gunsmith, a hardcover, 256-page study of Ackley takes a comprehensive look into his life and work as an eminent gunsmith, barrel maker, teacher and cartridge developer. My extensive research highlights not just the history of cartridge and rifle development, but a never-before-seen look at the man who influenced nearly everything we know about shooting and ballistics today.

In writing this book I found many useful and pithy comments from P.O. Ackley. These comments express an understanding of guns and ballistics as only Ackley could and are worthy of recording so that coming generations can appreciate his work. I wanted to allow Ackley’s voice to come through loud and clear; at the same time, I felt it was important to add technically accurate information that completes the discussions where he may have been silent.

Most shooters today know Ackley because of his “Ackley Improved” cartridge designs, but those cartridges are only the tip of the iceberg. From the dusty, oil rag-covered machine shops of Ackley’s early years, to stunning modern-day firearms chambered in Ackley’s timeless wildcats, the full-color center section brings to life this colorful character and his accomplishments in gunsmithing and cartridge development.

For more information on Ackley, visit  Fred Zeglin’s recently launched site www.ackleyimproved.com.

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