Forster Stock Makers Hand Screws (Stock Making)


These simple tools allow you to keep the barreled action properly aligned in the stock during final fitting.

Recommended by stockmakers, these Forster Stockmakers Hand Screws are used in the final accurate fitting of the stock to the action. These screws are precision made and hardened to make repeated trial fittings. Set of two.

To save time and to avoid damaged guard screws or a ruined stock, don’t attempt to inlet a stock without the proper stockmakers hand screws.

  • 98 Mauser
  • Remington 700, 721, 722
  • Winchester 70 or 54
  • Enfield P-14 or P-17
  • Springfield or Krag
  • Sako: Except, Model 75
  • Ruger 77
  • 7.7 Jap Arisaka
  • 6.5 Jap



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