300 Ham’R

Starline produced 300 HAM’R cases are available, but cases can be made from common and available 5.56/.223 cases.

Any AR15 platform rifle can be converted to 300 HAM’R with a simple barrel change and the use of 300 Blackout magazines. 300 HAM’R has 18% more retained velocity, 40% more energy and a 56% flatter trajectory than the 300 BLACKOUT at 200 yards! 300 HAM’R was designed around a slow twist, 1-15 twist match grade barrel optimized for accuracy with 110gr to 135gr bullets. The 300 HAM’R has a 300 FPS velocity and 400 FP energy advantage over the 300 BLACKOUT at the muzzle.

The 300 HAM’R is capable of duplicating the proven ballistics of the legendary .30-30 Winchester from a comparable barrel length. Only 25-28 grains of powder compared to the 34-38 grains the .30-30 requires, so recoil is reduced.



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