22 Rimfire Ammo

For those of you who love the 22 LR, you know there is a wide variety of ammo and chamberings for this cartridge.  Below is a chart of the various chamber dimensions that are popular.  Yes, there are more than this, but this covers most of what people ask for.

22 Bentz is commonly used as the match chamber for semi-autos and serves that purpose quite well.

22 Stinger is designed specifically for the CCI 22 Stinger ammo.  If that’s all you shoot then its a great idea to use that reamer.

Normally they all use the same headspace gauges.  I know that some guys like to use a match gauge that is a couple of thousandths tight, you should only do this if the match ammo you use runs tight on headspace too.  This is an easy thing to check, just measure rim thickness.

Next time you’re trying to decide what reamer to use, just check this chart.  22 Rimfire is still accurate, cheap and fun to shoot.

22 LR dimension chart

Chart Assembled by Pacific Tool & Gauge (PTG)