Wildcat Cartridges, Reloader’s Handbook of Wildcat Cartridge Design


In 2005 the hard bound first edition of this handbook hit the market. Since that time it has become a collectable book. This reprint is a faithful reprint of the first edition, now in paperback form.

Fred Zeglin was a gunsmith and custom rifle builder long before he turned to writing. The origin of this book was formed in Fred teaching gunsmiths how to make reamer and reloading dies, as well as how the design and develop a successful wildcat cartridge with tried and true, safe methods.

The last Gunsmith to tackle this subject was P.O. Ackley in the early 1960’s. Fred took inspiration from Ackley’s writings to create a valuable snapshot of the wildcat community since Ackley left the range.

During Zeglin’s years in the gun business he has developed a large number of wildcats, both for his own use and for clients. He made chamber reamers and reloading dies for his customers projects, partly to save time & money, but mostly to deliver product for his clients that they really could not acquire anywhere else.

This manual contains ideas and methods that you will find in no other source. If you are a reloader, wildcatter or gunbug of any sort; you will enjoy and value the history and how-to information found in this book!

574 Pages, 6″x9″, paperback.  Signed by the Author


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