Several years ago Nosler took nearly every caliber from 26 to 36 to SAAMI.  As soon as they were approved we bought all the reamers and gauges.  The 26 and 28 Nosler are the only cartridges that share the same headspace gauges in the Nosler factory line-up, all the others have their own specific gauges.

We stock them all:  26, 27, 28, 30, 33, 35, 36


On top of that, we stock neck and throat reamers, this is the easiest way to wildcat that there is.  Simply put a bore appropriate bushing on a chamber reamer made for a smaller bore, this makes it a body reamer. Then use a neck and throat reamer made for the bore diameter you’re working with and you have created a new chamber with out having a custom tool made…

In this case, a 32 Nosler could be added, a 37 Nosler how about a 411 or 416 Nosler?

In 2017 Nosler added the 22 Nosler to their line-up.  We have reamers and gauges in stock for this caliber and while we were ordering tools we went ahead and added the 6mm/22 Nosler too.  That’s just the 22 necked up to 6mm with no other changes, so it uses the same gauges.