P.O. Ackley

We have seen a ton of demand for Ackley calibers since the publication of Fred Zeglin’s two new books in 2017.  For this reason we have created a category on the 4D web site to separate out all Ackley cartridges making them easier to find.  They still appear in the standard caliber listings as well.

Ackley Book Cover

Book Cover, P.O. Ackley, America’s Gunsmith

The first book causing this demand is the history of P.O. Ackley and his career: “P.O. Ackley, America’s Gunsmith”

The Second was “Chambering for Ackley Cartridges”  which is a booklet in the Gunsmithing Student Handbook series.  This title explains exactly how to correctly headspace any Ackley cartridge.

Of course the books are available for sale here too.

P.O. Ackley passed away in 1989.  The fact that reamer makers and gunsmiths still honor him by naming cartridges after him whenever a new cartridge comes to the market is a real testament to the influence P.O. had and has on the industry.  Arguably the best known gunsmith of the 20th century, Ackley was an amazing guy.

Cover of Chambering for Ackley Cartridges

Gunsmithing Student Handbook Series, book #1