Home page for the GaugeGuide app.

We have long looked for the most efficient way to share information with our clients.

Apps are all the rage and they really can be time savers.  We decided to set up the GaugeGuide app. It will help you not only find the correct gauge for your gun, it will also tell you all the other gauges that cross-over with it.

You may know that some gauges will work with many cartridges that have the same body and shoulder but vary in bullet diameter.  These gauges are considered Interchangeable because they will work with more than one cartridge.  A well known example would be the 30-06, its’ gauges will work with 25-06, 270, 338-06, 35 Whelen, 6mm-06, 6.5mm-06 and 22-06.

Unless you work with reamers and gauges on a daily basis you probably cannot remember all the combinations that will interchange.  Even if you do work with them everyday, the odds are that you will never remember all the possibilities. GaugeGuide does know all the combinations and we update it as knew options become available. There are two ways to search for the cartridge you are concerned with, results will show you all the gauges that cross-over with your cartridge.  If there is no alternate gauge the app will tell you that too.

Best of all, GaugeGuide is FREE!  Easy to use, available 24/7/365 and prevents mistakes.  We started off with Android®, I Phone coming soon.

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