Bi-Focal Shooting Glasses Designed Specifically for Shooters.



We are passionate about protecting your eyes because you use them every day. With the introduction of Lasik Surgery, correcting nearsightedness (unable to see far away) has become very popular. The downfall is that you tend to lose your ability to see up close while reading. Also, your left and right eyes can deteriorate at different rates. This result is your “dominant” eye changing, and you lose the ability to see up close with your dominant eye. With the use of the Top Focal® glasses, you will be able to improve the sight of your dominant eye.

You can also set up both the Top Focal® and the Denial (bottom bifocal) glasses with different powers for each eye. Additional lenses are available.

Long Gun Use

The Top Focal® shooting glasses are commonly used in conjunction with an AR since the sights are the same distance from the eyes as a handgun.

For scope use, adjust the reticle eyepiece to view the crosshairs clearly either through the Top Focal® or through the bottom of the lens, whichever is your preference. Look through the Top Focal® to adjust the turrets on the scope.

Iron sights can be tricky since the distance is longer between sights. There is not a lot of information on this, but generally the rear sights are difficult to see since they are so close. If you have any information on this, feel free to share with us.

Red Dot uses the same Top Focal® power as you would for pistol shooting.



Using a low power magnification, for example, +0.5-0.75, will allow you to view your target better.

Using too low a magnification will provide a slightly better sight view but slightly worse target view, thus a compromise.

Don’t compromise, use the correct Top Focal® glasses to see your sights crystal clear and use an SSP Eyewear Plano lens (Chelan Lens) in your non-dominant eye to see your target just as clear.


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