Evaluating Rifles for Accuracy Problems (DVD)

This is a great instructional video.  You can return to it as often as you like to get every detail the way you want it.

In this intensive course, Gordy Gritters, well known benchrest gunsmith and competitor, thoroughly explains rifle accuracy, including the problems that cause poor accuracy, he shows you how to completely evaluate/measure/gauge every aspect of a factory or custom rifle for accuracy problems.

He shows how to “slug” a bore to evaluate internal barrel problems, and has some terrific borescope footage that clearly shows crooked/off-center chambers, smeared lands caused by dull chamber reamers, chamber and throat “reamer chatter”, throat erosion, and other accuracy robbing problems.

Gordy then goes into detail explaining some of the best procedures used to correct all the accuracy problems in the action, barrel, stock, bedding, trigger, and other components of a rifle, including the “Big Five” things that are absolutely essential to bring out the full accuracy potential in any rifle!  This is the same information that Gordy uses to help his clients win matches.

Owning this kind of resource material is invaluable.


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