New Normal

Personally, I hate the term “New Normal”.

I refuse to believe we are stuck with these conditions for the long haul.  But, I feel keeping our clients updated if very important.

Increased gun sales and ammunition shortages both drive more business to gunsmiths.  We supply tools to both hobby and professional gunsmiths.  Business is up, but that has a downside to it.

Shipping time in the first couple of months of 2021 have been the slowest we have ever seen.  FedEx and USPS offer no guarantee of delivery dates, including overnight shipments. As of this writing (3/19/21) shipping times are still longer than they used to be, but they seem to be improving. Here is a free bit of info on this subject that applies to everyone you do business with: Being rude, snotty, self-centered and the like, will not make the mail move any faster.  Just realize that things are not what you are used to right now.

Some renters are not good about returning tools in a timely manner.  If you don’t like shipping delays from us then one way to help with that problem is to follow the rental agreement and return tools on time. This is how we keep thing is stock for the next order.  You always have 7 days with the tools no matter when they arrive. If tools are slow getting to you, be sure to note it on the return paper work.

Our suppliers are short on product.  It’s taking more time to acquire tools to replace broken or damaged ones.  We have a large numbers of tools on order with several suppliers, in an effort to meet demand. 4D has added nearly 100 tools in the last six weeks, yet, we are still behind the demand curve.

Shipments to our clients are still well over 95% daily.  So do not hesitate to order, we will let you know if there will be any delay in shipping.  We track backorders and fill them as soon as tools come back from rental or new tools arrive from the maker.  Please inform yourself as to our policies and the rental agreement.

Hope this answer some of the concerns we hear from you, our clients.

Stay strong! Stay Free!