The short answer is we are busier than ever before!

The long answer:

Maybe you have seen the stats lately that record numbers of guns have been sold the last couple of months.  Well, that translates into more business for 4D as well.

You see gunsmiths have to fix all those new guns in addition to all the old ones they were already working on.  In addition for more than a dozen years firearms sales have been on the upswing do in a large part to politics.  Most recently, riots and unrest have caused people of all backgrounds to consider self protection.  So here we are, business has been growing steadily for years, then in March of 2020 when the lock-downs started, business went through the roof for us.  Its unlikely that this situation will change until after the November election. (Vote Pro-Gun)  Even then we expect it to continue.

We have responded by hiring help and training them (ongoing).  We are buying record #s of tools to increase our inventory and our ability to serve the shooting public. Our phones ring so much that if we answered them, nobody would get a tool because that is all we would do.  Not kidding, the phone rings all day long, it rings at night and all weekend too.  Don’t misunderstand, I am not complaining.  We love what we do and enjoy being busy.  But getting rentals out the door and cleaning tools for the next rental is our priority.

Imagine if the phone rings that much how much email we get…  I do my best to keep it current, the best thing about email is that its there when we have time. We do not work weekends; because all work and no play makes Jack and Jill dull as can be, not to mention very grumpy.

So how can you get faster service from 4D?

Its pretty simple: place your orders on the web site, we no longer accept orders over the phone.  Make sure your order is accurate, changes after the fact can happen but you risk that we have already shipped the order out.  You would be amazed how many people enter incorrect mail addresses.  We ship mainly USPS Priority Mail, so give use an address that the Post Office can find.  If you want to be notified when your order ships, make sure your email address is correct, this is a BIG one.  Everything address wise that you type into the order is what comes out on the shipping label, its automated for speed and accuracy.

If you have a rental in your hands use it and return it in a timely manner, the more clients stay on time, the better we can serve everyone.  Remember you will be the next client someday and will want tools delivered quick too.

Bottom line, we are here to help with your gunsmith tool rentals.  We are considered essential but we would be here to serve you anyway!  Thanks to all of you for the many years of business.  We love serving you.