Will I receive a sharp reamer?

Yes, our success as a company will always rely upon repeat clientele!

How does 4D assure the quality of it’s rental tools?

Each tool is inspected under magnification upon return from rental to insure that it is clean and sharp. Reamers are then placed in a plastic shipping tube and an inspection seal is attached so that we know each tool has been properly inspected before it is shipped out.

Which way do I turn this thing?!?

All reamers that 4D offers for rental are right hand or clock-wise cutting.

In other words, all reamers should be turning to the right. If the barrel is in a lathe the barrel will run in normal forward direction or counter clock-wise.

We have some videos prepared that help explain the use of gunsmithing tools, click here to see what we have.

Why is this important?

Because running the tool backwards will damage it. Damage will likely require a professional resharpening, your deposit would then be forfeit to cover that expense. Not only that but it will take about a hundred years to ream a chamber in reverse and the quality of the chamber will be very poor.

Do I need to use a lubricant when reaming?

Absolutely, we recommend Brownell’s Do-Drill, Conoco makes a cutting oil called “Spectrum” These are two oils that will work well, there are others.  We sell Tap Magic which will work to ream a chamber.

Should I sharpen the reamer?

NO. We inspect the reamers it assure you are getting a sharp tool. Much of the damage we see to reamers comes from incorrect stoning or sharpening of the reamer. The client is responsible for the cost of repairs for such damage. We have a video on this subject on another page, click here.

How long is the rental term?

You have seven (7) days from the time it arrives at your address to use the tool. As soon as you are finished with the tool. Please return it on time so that it will be available for the next renter.

Who pays the return shipping and insurance?

The client agrees to pay the return shipping as part of the rental fees. Be sure to insure the package as you are responsible for the tools until we receive them.

Why don’t you supply a return shipping label?

In many parts of the country it may be difficult to use a specific shipper, so we leave it up to the client to choose the return shipping method to keep the process as easy and convenient as possible.

Do you sell Reamers?

Yes, they are strictly on a special order basis, we can often supply common calibers in a week or two, headspace gauges too. Email us with your requests.

How do I make a chamber cast?

We recommend CERROSAFE® casting metal, it is a low temperature metal designed for making precision casts of cavities. It’s properties are well known in the gun industry and reamer makers as well as gunsmiths will recognize the brand name. Simply follow the link above for instructions on use.

What is the difference between Solid and Floating Pilot?

Solid pilots are integral to the reamer, they do not move and are ground to the common SAAMI dimension for the given caliber. Floating pilots or bushing pilots are a precise slip fit to the pilot area of the reamer, they can be interchanged to allow for the best possible fit to the bore.

Which is better? That is a subject of ongoing debate in the gun trade, about 50% of clients prefer one or the other. Floating pilots have the advantage of versatility, Solid pilots do not run the risk of stacking tolerances. Both types of pilots will produce excellent chambers.

Click here to read a full article on this subject.

I think you sent me the wrong reamer?

I reamed a piece of nylon with it and my ammo won’t fit?
That’s because Nylon is not steel, it springs and moves away from the reamer.

It’s too long?
Sometimes the reamer maker uses a long reamer blank for a short cartridge, it’s not a
problem. The length of the reamer blank has no correlation to the chamber length;
headspace gauges are used to establish the actual depth of the chamber.

How do I use Ackley Improved Headspace Gauges?

In rimless bottleneck cases you will use an Ackley ‘Go’ gauge. The ‘Go’ gauge for the parent cartridge will become the ‘No-Go’ Gauge. Why does this work?

Ackley was pretty smart, he realized that if he set up the “Improved” chamber shorter than the factory chamber that you would be able to fire factory ammo. Because the brass is slightly crushed by the neck/shoulder junction of the new shorter chamber it is held tight against the bolt face for firing. That is why you must set the barrel back when rechambering for a rimless bottle necked cases in Ackley Improved configuration.

Why no Ackley gauge for rimmed or belted cases?

Simple, these cases are headspaced on the rim or the belt, so the shape of the chamber has no affect on headspace. The case is trapped between the boltface and the forward edge of the rim or belt, so when you fire the cartridge it simply forms to the new shape of the chamber.

Do you Ship outside the U.S.?

Sorry, we do not ship outside the U.S.    NO.

You already charged my card?

When you order from this web site the cart will automatically charge your credit card for the rental and shipping at the time that you place the order.  If you have questions about our rental policy, Click Here for more information.

I left a message…

Email is always the best way to communicate as we can respond at any hour.  We do check message as often as possible however, business hours are limited so it can take longer for us to get back to phone messages. Order volume is high so we work to ship internet and fax orders before we get to phone messages.  We want to get the tools out the door as soon as possible.  Fax # is 406-890-6341