The Bullseye Target Manager software package is a full featured software application included with the Bullseye Camera System that allows you to view and track every shot during your shooting session.

SEE YOUR LAST SHOT BLINK no matter how many times you have hit the target!
Bullseye Target Manager

Clearly SEE Your Target and EACH and EVERY Shot
You will clearly see everything that happens downrange at your target. The camera is placed 6′-15′ from the target on approximately a 45 degree angle. The software allows you to zoom in/crop the target to focus on your shooting area. You will see each last shot, or group of shots, BLINKING on the screen for easy identification!

Create Shooter Profiles
Shooter profiles allow you to store information regarding shooter, location, firearm and ammunition used. When you mark shots with the software, all of the information is stored with each shot for later review and analyzing.  Color code each shooter, firearm or ammunition with a different color to be able to differentiate shots all on the same target!Mark, Color and Number Shots and Shot Groups
Individual shots, or groups of shots, may be marked and numbered for easy identification. You may also mark shots as “favorites” and add individual notes to each shot. All of the data is saved and may be reviewed at any time in the future.Log Detailed Data for Each Shot
All information regarding shooter, location, firearm, ammunition is stored with each shot. For hand-loader’s you may specify detailed information such as case, powder, primer, bullet weight, velocity and more! Pre-input your test loads, head to the range and fire your test groups and review the results from the comfort of your home at any time. No more writing on targets or using cumbersome log books!Review Previous Shots and Shot Groups
Simply click on any previous shot to view it in real-time – see exactly where you hit. You may also export the images as JPG files for easy viewing, e-mailing or posting on Facebook.Live Video and Still Image Capturing
With our new live video feed, you can see your target in real-time and simply press the space bar to capture an image at any time.Review Previous Shooting Sessions
All shooting sessions and images are saved for later review. You may review these sessions at any time, make additional notes, save images and more. A great teaching tool!
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